About Dan's Print and Design

Dan's Print and Design has been founded by Daniel Hall, the business aims to supply a total of 13 different print related products and materials to businesses and companies and organizations and non-profits 

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About Dan's Print and Design

Dan's Print and Design was founded by Daniel Hall the business aims to supply a total of 13 different print related products and a range of added extra products and design related services. The business also has a digital store that sells digital products ranging from domain names the ability to create email accounts both for personal or business use and web hosting packages are also available. Dan's Print and Design's digital store also has a website builder for people and business people and entrepreneurs to be able to create a website from the comfort of their own homes and businesses.

The business also provides advertising opportunities for businesses and enterprises and non-profits.

Dan's Print and Design also has team member partners graphic designers working on behalf of the business Dan's Print and Design to be able to ensure the business can cater for business and corporate design requirements and to ensure products are designed to the highest standards.

In most cases customers will require a design and Dan's Print and Design's graphic designers team member partners will  undertake high quality designs to go on customer products for any of the 13 different print related products available to purchase and order or any of the added extra products.

Dan's Print and Design supplies business cards, flyers and leaflets, posters, postcards, greeting cards, compliment slips, letterheads, desk calendars, wall calendars, presentation folders, booklets, brochures.

Added Extra Products include NCR Duplicate Invoice Pads, NCR Duplicate Purchase Order Pads, NCR Duplicate Quote Pads, NCR Duplicate Estimate Pads, NCR Duplicate Receipt Pads, NCR Duplicate No Purpose Pads.

Corporate Staff ID Name Badges with Pin or Magnetic Fastenings and the business also supplies photo identification badges ideal for new ventures and businesses with staff and employees and big organizations and companies.

Dan's Print and Design is proud to supply high quality staff workwear uniforms (POLO Shirts) fruit of the loom branded and PRO RTX polo shirts with the options to have a branded logo and wording on the front and back.

The business aims to produce high quality print related materials and products using quality suppliers both in the UK and Internationally. The business is VAT Registered 282811302 and charges VAT on most products and services available. The trading hours for the business is 9am-12pm then 1pm-5pm UK time Monday to Saturdays.



Daniel Hall 

Job Title: Founder

Name of Business: Dan's Print and Design

VAT Registration: 282 8113 02

Age: 33

My name is Daniel Hall I am Founder of Dan's Print and Design my main interests are business, entrepreneurship, and fishing. In my spare time I enjoy fishing and when working I work on my business Dan's Print and Design managing the team member partners graphic designers and ensuring advertising and marketing is undertaken regularly to attract potential customers and clients.

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Dan's Print and Design

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VAT Registered Business: 282 8113 02

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