Advert Design Ready to be Published in the Village People Magazine covering Suffolk & Norfolk Border

As the business is seeking to always attract new potential customers and clients to the business Dan's Print and Design as founder Daniel Hall I decided to make the decision to utilize magazine advertising as part of the business advertising strategy as I feel that a lot of businesses look at the business address and some business people and owners will only shop or order local therefore even though dans print and design has a business correspondence and legal address it is not a place that the business operates from and is only used for mail handling as Dan's Print and Design instruct mail handlers to open the mail on behalf of the business this works out quite good and over the last year or so it has been effective and will continue to do so.

Because the business address is associated to Suffolk and will always have the address listed as Suffolk it is important to try and gain visibility around them areas for business owners and businesses that may require printed products or signage or other types of printed materials. Especially if the businesses are shopping local also.

By building up a reputation in the area via advertising and attracting the potential customers who only wish to shop local there stands a chance to gain some new potential customers and clients.

The magazine is called the Village people magazine and the business can confirm the first advert for Dan's Print and Design will be printed in September for October / Novembers edition of village people magazine so if your from that area and get the magazine feel free to take a look.

The benefit of magazine advertising is magazines can last longer and are not always chucked in the bin which means the magazine could still be lying around many months down the line this is good for my business to advertise in something that is well known and liked.

See below the advert design below

The above advert has been designed and will be used by the business when any advertising is undertaken.

Written by Dan's Print and Design